Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Good point, Well presented!

MS Fined $1.4 -

This is all well and good. But what about Apple®?

To load music to your iPod®, you must install iTunes®.

iStore® are one of the few legal sites to purchase MP3/MP4's from, for your iTunes® library, or to upload to your iPod®. Once downloaded, your limited by licences which appear to only allow you to play the track on iTunes® or your iPod®.

Furthermore, if you wish to buy accessorise for your iPod®, you have to buy Apple® approved devices as non Apple® approved devices are soon to no longer work. Of course you can buy direct from Apple® iStores® online, or places such as Bluewater®, and Oxford Street.

Perhaps 'i' should also add, some 3rd party applications had developed a way to access the iTunes® database so you could play your downloaded songs from the Apple® iStore®, or from your iPod® in a 3rd party player/device. Apple® have sinced disabled this in a recent update of iTunes®, therefore eliminating the 'competition' or 3rd party developers access to the iTunes® database.

So tell me, if Microsoft® are such baddies and being fined all this $$$, why aren't Apple®?!

Phew - that took some effort! ®®®
(Written/Ranted by Lewis Hardwick)

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Unknown said...

Face it, Microsnot suck ;O) You need a Mac Xx