Sunday, 18 January 2009

Small Children & Shopping Trips

Sometimes, I wonder why we do it.....I don't mean why do we have kids but more, why do we take them with us when we go shopping. They have this hideous habit of "getting bored" at a drop of the hat and then begin trying to "have fun"......a concept that they do not fully comprehend. For some reason, a child's  idea of fun (or at least my son's) seems to involve "irritating his parents". In itself, it sounds like an excellent game, which he begins by picking up any item that he "really wants" or is his "favourite" and moaning about it until we start to shout at him.

I love my son very much but being embarrassed by him in Asda's (or indeed any other shop) really doesn't do it for me. After being shouted at, he begins the sulk routine.....something we have all done and as parents, get plenty of time to experience.

As you can see from the picture, he really has the hang of it ;-)

We are slowly beginning to train him out of it as much as he is training us to ignore it.

We can only hope it is just a phase and he will indeed grow out of it as I have.........fortunately for my parents, I no longer use this tactic.

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