Friday, 19 June 2009

Cooking Exploits

Having started this Blog, I have begun to realise that there is a Dark Art to having constantly up-to-date content. It’s not so much not having anything to blog about, it is merely finding something that is interesting enough or indeed amusing enough to type about. However, I thought I would pop in the odd recipe every now and again, especially when I think it may be something you might like to try.

I will keep it simple and perhaps you will enjoy it as much as my family did :-)

Firstly a bit of background. This recipe is something that my Dad first gave to me and is the first meal I ever cooked for my other half (if memory serves me correctly, it didn't go too well as I was a bundle of nerves). I have since improved upon the recipe and have provided simple instructions so that anyone can give it a go (links go to the Tesco website – no affiliation).

Having been asked recently to provide a friend with the recipe, the following is ideal for 2 people, simply adjust ingredients dependent on however many lucky test subjects you happen to have.

Chicken & Bacon with Mash Potato

Ingreedy Grunts

Approx 5 Potatoes (but obviously enough for mash for two ;-)
Basil (dried about 1 tspn full)
Sage (dried about 1 tspn full)
Olive Oil
1 Onion halved and finely chopped
Fresh Garlic (about 3 cloves finely chopped or a heaped teaspoon of “Easy Garlic”)
Cherry Tomatoes (slack handful, chopped in quarters)
Mushrooms (optional, chestnut mushrooms are my preferred choice but that’s up to you…shitake might be better)
Streaky Bacon (4-6 slices, chopped into small strips)
Approx 250g of Chicken Breast (two chicken breasts should be enough, chopped into chunks. You could be completely lazy and buy it pre-chopped…it’s cheating but makes life easier)
1 75cl bottle of White Wine (Hock is good as it is relatively cheap and has a rather nice flavour should you fancy a glass while you are cooking)
Chicken Oxo
Sambal Oelek (optional - definitely improves the recipe and adds a subtle spicy kick. Due to the cream, it’s not at all overpowering but as such, not to everyone’s taste)
Single Cream

Cooking Destructions!

As with all recipe’s it is a good idea to prep the food first and get all of the tedious chopping etc out of the way before you start. Cooking should then only take about 15-20 mins.

Peal and dice the potatoes, rinse thoroughly with cold water and then plonk in a pan of boiling water. I usually cheat and boil the kettle, otherwise you spend what feels like a week, waiting for the water to boil. Taters, can be left to boil happily while you cook the chicken (see below).

Finely chop the garlic and the onion, place in a pan with the mushrooms and tomatoes (a Wok would be good) a couple of lugs of Olive Oil and a knob of butter and put on a low heat. Cook for approx 5 mins then add the herbs (Sage and Basil), the chopped bacon and the chicken, then turn up the heat a little and stir for another 5 mins. Once the chicken is almost sealed, add about half of the bottle of White Wine, one Chicken Oxo and 1 or 2 teaspoons of Sambal Oelek. Bring to the boil and then simmer for about 5-10 mins or until you are satisfied the chicken is cooked. Once it is cooked, turn off the gas (or lecky) and leave while you deal with the taters, which by now should be cooked enough to mash.

Drain the taters and put back in the pan. Mash the hell out of them, then add about a third of your pot of single cream. Mash the hell out of them a second time to mix in the cream. Pour the rest of the cream into your chicken/bacon and you are now ready to serve.

Remember, if you are trying to impress a young lady, then presentation at this point is always a good idea. If you haven’t drunk the rest of the white wine, this could be served with the meal.

Should anyone attempt this, then a picture would be good to add to the blog, otherwise, eat and enjoy!

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Cream, potatoes, bacon.... I think you should post more recipes. Yep. Most definitely!